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Does your mobile phone always connect to the internet unnecessarily?

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Incurring unwanted prepaid/postpaid credits due to unnecessary internet connection is one of most people’s headaches. Most smartphones’ applications connect to the internet to retrieve or send information without requesting user’s approval. Some of these activities include push email, push notifications, location tracking, email fetching and messenger/social updates. Every connection attempt takes toll on credits as well as battery life.

How should it be done?

If you don’t need internet connectivity temporarily, you can disable your device from connecting unnecessarily with a simple hack. You can enable it later if you need internet connectivity and then disable it when you’re done.

Simply change your Access Point Name by adding or removing a character from the predefined access point string.

For example, if your access point name is ““, simply delete the last character or add something into it. The resulting string will be “” or ““. This way, an error will occur when an app attempts to connect thus preventing unnecessary and unattended internet connection. It is recommended to add a letter instead if you tend to forget which letter you have removed.

You can locate this setting by going into Internet connectivity settings of your device. The location of this setting vary from one device operating system to another.

For iOS users:

    1. Go to Settings, General, Network, Internet Settings
    2. Remove the last character from the access point string or add something into it.

If you want to save power and extend battery, you may turn off 3G. Most phone calls and text messages can still work without 3G turned on.

If you want to connect to the internet, go to that setting and add the letter or character that you have removed. Turn on 3G to enable faster web browsing as well.

For Symbian users:

    1. Go to the settings menu
    2. Choose Connectivity, then Destinations, Internet, (access point)
    3. Select Access Point Name
    4. 4. Remove the last letter of the access point or add something into it.
    5. 5. Select Ok.

If you have a different phone, please refer to your manufacturer’s manual.