Can’t create a free iTunes account? There’s a solution for that!

iTunes IconHave an iOS device but can’t get apps from its wide variety of 300,000 and counting apps to choose from the App Store?

There’s a solution for that. iTunes requires a credit card for a user to create an iTunes account to buy apps; however, free apps don’t need credit cards for a purchase to be taken place. Around 40% of the apps available in the App Store are free (9to5mac.com). That’s around 120,000 free apps available. So why not maximize your iOS device with that potential? Read more.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Gallery

1This gallery contains 56 photos.

Check out this snapshot tour from  a 13″ Macbook Pro notebook with Mac OS X Snow Leopard before checking Apple’s new Mac OS Lion. Simply click on an image to magnify and… view gallery.

How to: Save Microsoft Office Documents to Box.net Online Using Save Button

Hi there!

There are times when you need to work with different documents across computers without using flash drives to carry documents with you. You can use this method to save and open your Microsoft Office Word documents… read more.

A Prayer: A Thanksgiving for Good Things

We are very thankful for blessing us with a donkey which carries our belongings, a chicken, a friend of our companion, and a lighted torch which provides light for our journey during the night. That even if we are not welcome to stay in their inns… read more.

Study: Stress and Academic Pressure may Cause Poor Grades in School

According to a study conducted by seven students at [a certain school], it was found out that stress or pressure due to academic works was the main cause of the first year engineering students’ low performance in… continue reading.


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