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Sample Demonstrative Speech Outline

Topic:How to rescue a wet electronic device

Specific Purpose: to demonstrate what to do in case an electronic device accidentally acquires moisture

Central Idea: things to do to get moisture out of an electronic device

Main Points:

I. What is CPR?
II. The Need to Rescue
 A. High Cost of Devices
 B. Saves Valuable Data
 C. The Hassle of Replacement
III. Things Needed
A. Plastic Container
B. Hand Towel
C. Grains of Rice
IV. Procedure
A. Removal of Battery and Other Components
B. Rice Therapy
C. The Waiting Stage
D. Moment of Truth
V. Summary and Conclusion
- submitted last Aug 4, 2012 Engl 4

On going forward

Do not fear going forward slowly, fear only to stand still.

– Chinese Proverb

- found on a page while solving a problem set

Daily: Love for Work

working at home

Image by atconc via Flickr

Which is better?

A. You enjoy what you are doing
B. You are motivated to do it because of someone or something

Hello world!

How’s 2011!!

The Season of Love is coming. How about spreading your affection with your special someone. I hope they will appreciate it.