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How to perform a clean install of Windows 7

Deploying a Windows Operating System into your machine is not that complicated than you think.

Snapshot was taken last April 1, 2011.

All you need are:

  • A Windows 7 capable laptop or desktop
  • Installation disk,
  • DVD Drive,
  • genuine product key,
  • internet connectivity,
  • And a cup of coffee

Check first if your pc is capable of deploying Windows 7. Download and run Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. This will guide you in determining some hardware and software incompatibilities to be taken into consideration. Read your manufacturer upgrade instructions from their website as well.

Performing a clean installation can result into loss of data, installed applications and settings. It is recommended to create a backup of your important files and documents by burning them into recordable DVDs. You need a lot of these as much as the amount of information you want to save. If you don’t want to burn them into DVD, you may store them into your external hard drive, USB flash drive, separate disk partition or restore from a previously made backup.

  1. Place the Windows 7 installation disk into the DVD/BD drive.
  2. Wait for the Install Windows window to appear. If Install Windows did not appear, restart your computer from the DVD. Press the Boot From button (ESC, Del, F12, etc.) as indicated by the BIOS display then select CD/DVD/BD.
  3. Click Install Windows. Wait for the setup to load.
  4. Choose the country you belong as well as the language you are using then select next. On the next screen, Select Get Important Updates if network connectivity is available. Otherwise, select the second option. Connecting to the internet ensures successful installation as well as getting important Windows updates.
  5. Read and accept its Terms and Conditions.
  6. You will be prompted to enter your Product key to activate windows. It can be located on the sticker placed your laptop/desktop, Windows retail package or e-mail. If you plan to activate later, select Activate Windows when I’m online checkbox.
  7. To install Windows from scratch, choose Clean Installation.
  8. You will be asked where to install the operating system. You can either select the drive of your correct operating system if you plan on replacing or a separate drive or partition if you plan to keep your current operating system, applications and settings.
  9. Select Next when done. You will see Installing Windows as well as its progress. Installation time depends on the speed of your machine as well as system configuration. Your computer may restart frequently during the installation process.
  10. After the installation is completed, Windows will check video card performance and prepare Windows for first use. Follow instruction to get you started. Some of them are creating administrator account, setting correct date and time, turning Windows Update on and so on.

And that’s it.

Windows 7 Installation documents
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How to: Sign-in to Facebook with your Nickname

Facebook's homepage features a login form on t...

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I just want to ask?

1.) which of the following your friend will call you?

A. Last Name, First Name, Middle Name

B. Nickname

2.) Now, you will log-in to Facebook to see your friends’ updates. Which is better? Logging in with

A. Email:

Password: **********

B. Email: username

Password: **********

3.) You have sent your Facebook address to your friend, will your “soon to be friend” will visit you at



4.) Now, you have become friends, will your friend will send email in Facebook  at



(in case Facebook Messaging is running)

If you answered letter A to the questions, good.

If you answered letter B to the questions, better.


Ask yourself.

To create or change your Facebook nickname,

1.) Click the Account menu.

2.) Select Account Settings.

3.) Expand username.

4.) Enter your desired username on the box provided (choose your own). You can also select from the suggestions.

Note: Once you have entered your username, you can only change it once. After that, you can’t bring it back.

5.) When done, click Set Username.

Note: if your desired username is unavailable, there is a strong possibility that someone else has already taken it.

6.) Confirm your new username on a confirmation box.

Now you can use your new username as the situations in letter B suggested.