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Save Office Documents to Online Using Save Button

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There are times when you need to work with different documents across computers without using flash drives to carry documents with you. You can use this method to save and open your Microsoft Office Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations directly to server without opening your web browser or installing any file synchronization softwares. Any computer with internet connection and Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 will be fine.

First of all, you need to create your own account and link it to your profile.  Read How to: Create Account and Link it to for guided details.

When your account is ready, you can already start.

1. After creating and editing your document click the  Office Button.

Note: Microsoft Office 2010 has “File” button.

2. Next, click Save Button.

3. On the File Name box type then hit the enter key.

4. Enter your username and password.

5. Select an Online folder where you want to save document.

6. Enter file name for the document then press Save.

7. Lastly, Microsoft Office Word then saves created document on your Online Storage Account. You may be requested to enter your password.

And that’s it.

Now you can save your files on the “Cloud” in ways as simple as 7 steps.

Viewing Recently Saved Office Documents on a Web Browser

The recently saved document appears on your online storage account.

You can also preview your newly uploaded document on your web browser.

To open documents saved into your, just follow this method as the one above, but this time select Open from the Office menu.

I hope, this little suggestion may become helpful.