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Convert Web Page into PDF

webpagetopdfIf you wish to save a certain web page into a PDF file and save it into your computer, simply head on to the link below:

Make sure to copy the URL of the web page before heading into the given link. This makes the process a lot smoother. After that, simply follow given instructions.


KB2769166 .NET Framework Update

Elements of the Microsoft .NET Framework versi...

Elements of the Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you find trouble finding the update  KB2769166 on the Microsoft Download Center, click the link below.

Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8   and Windows Server 2012 for x64 based Systems  (KB2769166)

Size: 74.3MB

Simply find the link with .msu


Lost in Time 2012: The Movie

I think, maybe it’s time to set LOST IN TIME 2012: The Movie for international release. I believe it’s not the one you expect like the one you have seen on theaters but it’s the product of our efforts as students to create a quality movie (not that much) despite of having schedule conflicts and restricted time frame to create such. We weren’t be able to finalize the movie since it lacks some scenes and effects, and we don’t have any plans of doing so in the future.

Anyways, we have something for you to watch and enjoy. Just hit the link above (headers) or below.


Sample Demonstrative Speech Outline

Topic:How to rescue a wet electronic device

Specific Purpose: to demonstrate what to do in case an electronic device accidentally acquires moisture

Central Idea: things to do to get moisture out of an electronic device

Main Points:

I. What is CPR?
II. The Need to Rescue
 A. High Cost of Devices
 B. Saves Valuable Data
 C. The Hassle of Replacement
III. Things Needed
A. Plastic Container
B. Hand Towel
C. Grains of Rice
IV. Procedure
A. Removal of Battery and Other Components
B. Rice Therapy
C. The Waiting Stage
D. Moment of Truth
V. Summary and Conclusion
- submitted last Aug 4, 2012 Engl 4

During Exam

Sir E: Class, prepare 3 sheets of short bond paper. No borrowing of calculator. Exam will start at exactly 10:29:29.99.


Exam (Photo credit: albertogp123)

Many of us were expecting tricky identification items and difficult problem solving parts that require complex solutions. After receiving my strip of paper, the following similar questions appeared:


1. Answer… in one to two sentences.
2. Describe… in one to two sentences.
3. Compare… in one to two sentences.


After copying all the questions and providing written answers below, written output consumed only about half of the first page. hehehehe..


On going forward

Do not fear going forward slowly, fear only to stand still.

– Chinese Proverb

- found on a page while solving a problem set

Practical Questions

Here are some practical math questions you might (ever) encounter:


Calculator (Photo credit: n_erd)

1. Anna wants to buy a portable media device with 3.54 inch display (measured diagonally) 960-by 640-pixel resolution. a.) What are the dimensions of the display (in cm) to the first decimal place?

2. Christine’s new 12-megapixel camera takes pictures with 3:4 aspect ratio. If she wants to print one photo to be placed in a 6-by 8-inch picture frame, how many dpi (dots per inch) the printed image would be?

3. Mary wants to photocopy a Math book from page 18 to page 34. If the machine operator can photocopy two pages in a sheet of bond paper and a bond paper worth of photocopied pages costs 50 centavos, how much will Mary pay?

If you know the answer, please drop your comments bellow. I’ll be glad to check 😉