Welcome to Cloudy Mixed Gearz…

Some mixed stuff… your useful gears on the cloud.

This is your home where you can find some useful stuff and information you can use on the cloud and beyond. Feel free to take a look on some of the amazing sections:


You can find some exciting and interesting computer and mobile device troubleshooting tips and tricks, great ideas on cloud computing as well as information superhighway at the Technology Section.


Great articles await you at the Philosophy Section where you can find great articles on love, psychology, quotations, daily reflections and more…


Build yourself with some useful breakthrough and ideas at the Learning Section. This all new tab will be filled with great ideas about education, studies and other sciences worth knowing.


All new and latest articles are displayed in the reverse chronological order. Everything posted on this site is shown here. To dig previous articles and posts, simply skim downwards and hit Older Posts.


Interesting facts and ideas that highlight everything covered in this site are showcased under Features Section. This is the best place to discover things you haven’t seen or heard before. Furthermore, a Featured Article at the top of every page gives a worthwhile reading experience.


This is a great place where you can visit some of my pictures, snapshots and photo collections about technology, philosophy and learning. Galleries give visual dimension to posts and articles by providing step by step graphical illustrations.


On the right side of the page, you can find mini-applications called widgets. A widget is a great way to enhance reader’s interaction by providing tools necessary in finding new as well as related articles the reader may enjoy.

Comments Section

Read more about what others are saying about each article. You too, are called to participate. If you have some interesting cookies, tips, requests, and suggestions for future articles, please feel free to leave comments. You may point out some information you agree and disagree with as well as any problems in usage, spelling and grammar. Since the name, email and website fields are not required, you may leave any of those fields blank.

Hubs are great ways to discover what you missed before. Articles are written when inspiration strikes.  You may also check those graphic clips sitting at the upper right corner, just below the phrase on the cloud.

There aren't much articles and galleries posted at this moment. Content will be
populated as time goes by. Articles are not designed for those who do not read or
need them.

Thanks a lot for visiting. I hope that my articles will become useful.




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