Not Let Wander

"Love Of Father To Daughter"

Love of Father to Daughter

Within the depths of darkness
Resides someone easing my sadness
Failing to get a glimpse of your kindness
Felt sorry for this weakness

Dark memories of the past didn’t slide
And shadows cast from my guide
With all the needs that you provide
You were always by my side

I can still remember how it felt
The things you did that made me upset
I wish I won’t ever regret
If in anger I will let

“Across the sea” sparked in my eye
Left without any trace of my goodbye
Wishing to settle by your side
Missing you beyond the height of tide

I’m old enough to work on my hand
Right from wrong I can now understand
I’m sorry for the things I have done
By on my own, I can now stand

Saying “I do” to the one I love
A promise that will last for the rest of my life
Trust, loyalty, and everlasting love
For the one who will call me his wife

After all the years that have gone by
A gift from someone caught my eye
Reminding me of the past I had
D’ gift of love from my only dad

For everything in love is blind
Whatever happens it won’t mind
If only I were given a chance
To love you back in a single dance

Father – the superhero of my life
Epic love for her daughter in disguise
Behind the rigid fortress of strictness
Lies within a gentle heart of goodness

With thy morrow sculpted in perfection,
‘Tis my guardian I owe this satisfaction
The ripples that formed on this water
Calm, I see, for not lettin’ go wander.

by class H607 1st Sem 2012

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