A quiz with no sense

Filipino mung bean soup

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Read and follow on-screen information carefully. Remember resume speed and accuracy. No super impositions. Calculator is allowed. No periodic tables, calendars, compass and t-squares allowed. Turn off your cellphones or place it in silent mode. Be aware of power interruption schedule.

If you were asked which element is needed by humans to survive, which one would be your answer?


B. Cellphone
C. Allowance
D. Girlfriend
E. Oxygen
E. All of the above.
G. None of the above
H. I don’t know.

If you were asked to name the Filipino food you were eating which contains monggo, tomato and eggs, which of the following would you tell?

A. Mongburger
B. Mongsilog
C. Empanada
D. Monggo ala pobre
E. Monggo deluxe

If you want to buy a new cellphone and your parents don’t want to, what should you do?

A. Fast and eat only once a day so you can save.
B. Make a show to raise funds.
C. Ask for donations.
D. Work as sales man/lady during class hours
E. Study for 4 to 5 years

If you have a “major major” assignment or thesis to be passed tomorrow, which of the following should you do?

A. Sleep first before studying
B. Study first before sleeping
C. Half sleep then study then half sleep
D. Half study then sleep then half study
E. Study and never sleep
F. Sleep and never study

Is picking the wrong question was Ms. Philippines’ major major problem?

A. Yes.
B. No.
C. Maybe.

Explain your answer in 1 whole manila paper.

Which of the following does not belong to the group?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D


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