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I wish I could see someday Microsoft would deliver a major release of NEW WINDOWS PLATFORM with entirely different code and runtime environment in which all present viruses, spyware, etc would NEVER run on the new platform because it only understands the new programming language which is based on entirely different programming languages no one ever know except Microsoft and its application and game developers.

A lot of computers and devices are sent to repair shops because of computer glitches and troubles. One main reason is computer threat. I really hate PC viruses, spyware specially its creators. On day, I went to a computer cafe running Windows. I plugged in my flash drive but my folders are mysteriously behaves differently because they have been replaced with application/virus distinguished with a folder icon. So if I open that folder it seems like nothing happened and it functions like a regular folder. The next day on a different computer, a major major problem occurred which resulted in every folder I created being hidden. Even if I click show hidden files even show system files, it reverts back to its original hidden files. My updated anti-virus and anti-spyware programs never solved the problem. My final resort was to reformat my flash drive losing important documents. It’s not Window’s responsibility but mine for not being cautious and insufficient precautionary measures. I knew this would be inevitable to happen. I hope that you would help customers around the globe experiencing similar problems.

There might be three programming languages it could understand instead of the one.

First, the Windows Programming Language which provides absolute access and control of the system. This include the Windows OS itself including its built-in applications. No one can ever take control of its components, not even developers. Therefore, the Windows stays as fast and reliable as it was installed 5 years ago. There might be a major change in file extensions, name and types of folders including its hierarchy and arrangement in the drive especially Windows, system 32, system, and root folder of flash drives which are favorite targets of any virus attacks. These folders might never be seen and known by somebody except windows itself and its creators. No one can trace where they are located on drive even the most intelligent hacker on this planet. Drivers of devices install automatically in seconds and are ready for use without complicated setup process. No need of installation disks. Windows has everything needed to compete the process in seconds automatically. The product just tells its product model and driver repository website, if the PC is connected to the net, it will download necessary drivers including software suites, manuals and tutorials. The user is free to select which one to get. Individual folders and files can by encrypted and protected with different passwords. To encrypt one just enter the master password and one folder password. To decrypt it folder password is only be needed. If one forgets the password, just enter the master password to remove encryption.

Second, Developers’ Progamming Language for Windows which allows developers develop apps and games with limited file access and privileges to files it only needed and supports without sacrificing compatibility. A program will be accepted and executed by the platform if it has acquired genuine approval for public and business use by Microsoft after testing and reviews. The app must me dully licenced for the user before it can be executed. Because of new licensing implementations and runtime codes, experienced app hackers and crackers will have no idea how to hack the new developed app resulting into minimal loss of profit in this era of widespread application and operating system piracy. Thus, developers will have enough funds to improve their softwares which results into better user experience and satisfaction. This will also benefit customers. If apps were bought legally by many users, then, the price of the app will go cheaper and more affordable.

Because approved apps are registered on Microsoft’s extended database, developers just send the new software version to central database. The user will use only once central application for checking for updates for installed applications including critical and optional operating system updates. The user is free to choose which one to update, purchase directly from the developer securely and install without manually downloading several huge installation files from different websites or opening apps one by one regularly to check for updates and new driver versions.

Third, Present Day programming Language which runs apps designed for current and previous operating systems like Win7, Vista, XP, 2000 including apps for beta testing and those apps not yet approved but those apps only runs on a virtual environment and will never create an impact on the system so users can still enjoy their favorite app until duly approved dev app comes without the worry of losing files or reformatted computers. The catch is if approved developer’s version of an app comes out, windows will give the user a grace period to switch into the app designed for new platform before it stops working.

Even if a virus is embedded on a file for as long as the content is not modified, the new platform will understand the content which is decoded by a 2nd level programming language but not the code embedded into it in which now, it doesn’t understands. Let alone a windows tool eliminate the code Windows cannot understand while preserving its original content without the need of expensive yearly anti-virus solutions.


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