Wish list for the Next Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Image via Wikipedia

Feature suggestions:

1. Object recognition and feature prediction system

-predicts what action the user is planning to do next depending on the selected item then suggests and displays object-related tools. (e.g. suggestions tab on ribbon)

-saves time on finding commands

-less clutter

2. Space or bar dedicated to pinned tools, recommended, frequently and recently used commands.

-changes dynamically

-option for auto hide or always show

3. Expand button on command groups instead of open dialog box.

-expands the selected command group sideward while displacing other command groups in the ribbon.

4. Autohide option in ribbon (and backstage too)

-autohides the ribbon to maximize space for documents

-hover over preferred tab (e.g. Home) to pull ribbon in a drawer-like sliding animation similar to activating handwriting pane on widows

-allows seamless jumping from tab to tab using only hover gestures without clicking one by one

-ribbon slides back after use

5. No save button

-autosaves file as user edits without sacrificing performance (note:

My pc lags as autosave starts.)

-OneNote style saving

-edit/changes history is saved along with the file so author can undo mistakes few days ago without affecting in-between changes

6. File encryption system

-adds password to open/modify/copy

-detects logged on/authorized Windows user to bypass password entry

-option for add digital certificates

7. Multiple dictionaries

-allows downloadable dictionary languages support

8. Flexible interface

-option for basic/essentials/advanced/touch screen interface and commands upon start-up

-suits user’s style according to ability (e.g. power user)

-option to select template upon start up

-saves loading time and conserves memory by loading only necessary commands and functions

-autosnap for in-application windows

-redesigned and optimized interface for user friendly touch screen use

9. Improved performance

-support for 64-bit with hyper threading processors

-utilization of graphics card for graphics and font processing

-simple yet intuitive and straightforward interface

10. Accessibility options

-support for third party speech recogntion and text to speech softwares

-white in black interface

-large fonts and icons


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