How to recover a Toshiba Laptop into its “out of the box” factory settings

Do you have multiple complicated computer problems that only reinstall can solve?

The good news is that you can reinstall Windows on your Toshiba laptop into its out of the box factory state.

Snapshot was taken last March 30, 2011.

How does it work?

Everything is done by the setup from installing windows to installing its pre-configured applications with minimal user intervention. The first time I used it, I was surprised how it installed everything automatically from the operating system to device drivers and software as well as its pre-bundled applications without installing them manually one by one. All I have done is inserting the recovery disks into the disk drive, choosing some recovery options and entering my User Account credentials including some basic information and I’m done. It is like having the laptop taken into a service center and letting the crew install all the drivers and applications for me.

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To recover using the built-in recovery partition,

  1. Create backup copies of all important files and documents on your computer as everything in it will be completely erased.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Press and hold number “0” on your keyboard as the systems boots up.
  4. If the Toshiba recovery window did not appear, press F8 repeatedly until Windows Recovery Options Appear. Select Repair Computer then choose Toshiba Recovery Options.
  5.  Proceed below for continuation.

To recover using recovery disks,

  1. Create recovery disks using Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.
  2. Create backup copies of all important files and documents on your computer as everything in it will be completely erased.
  3. Insert the first recovery disk on the DVD drive and restart your computer from the DVD. Press the Boot From button (ESC, Del, F12, etc.) as indicated by the BIOS display then select CD/DVD/BD.
  4. Press any key to boot from DVD.
  5. Proceed below for continuation.

To start the recovery process,

6. A warning which states that all data stored will be deleted. Plug in AC power supply to prevent interruption in case the battery gets empty. Click next to continue.

7. Select the operating system type (32 or 64 bit) if applicable.

8. Select recover to out-of-the-box state then click next.

9. Follow instructions.

10. To begin the recovery process, confirm the prompt in doing so.

11. The system will begin preparing the disk for recovery. It will take a while even the system does not respond for long. After that, the system will copy setup information from the disk. Remove first recovery disk and replace with second recovery disk when prompted to do so. After everything is copied, you may remove the second disk from its drive. You will see the message”Now recovering… Please Wait” when the system installs Windows. Next, “Creating CRC File… Please Wait” will be displayed then the system reboots. After startup, Windows will access video performance. You will see “Applying Final Configuration Please DO NOT INTERRUPT” message in full screen will be displayed as the setup installs all the device drivers and pre-bundled applications. You can minimize the window to see which application is being installed. Your computer will restart after each installation session. Final Configuration takes about three to five restarts.

12. When everything is completed, Windows will check video card performance and prepare Windows for first use. Follow instructions for you to get you started. Some of them are creating administrator account, setting correct date and time, turning Windows Update on and so on.

Don’t forget to activate Windows.

An internet connection is needed for the activation process.

13. Turn off your computer and flip it to locate the Windows sticker.

14. Copy the 25-character product key on a piece of paper.

15. Flip it back and turn it on.

16. Connect it to the internet.

17. Right click the Computer icon on your desktop or start menu then select Properties.

18. On the Properties window, scroll down then click Change Product Key.

19. Enter the 25-character product key then click the Activate button.

20. Wait until activation is complete. “Windows is successfully activated.” message appears. Click Finish to get started with an out of the box feel of your Toshiba Notebook.

Toshiba recovery manuals
Windows Help and Support

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  2. I have a Toshiba satellite 6550 and recently had to send it in because of unresponsive keyboard and slowness. upon receiving it back, the out of the box setup does not perform correctly.. fails to complete half way into it..says that recovery can not be located. Does.this mean I should just get a different brand computer? Because it was returned with a totally different operating system for one, and its worse than it was before I sent it for repair. HELP!!

    • I hope you have sent it to an authorized Toshiba service center. You may order recovery discs online for a fee or create them yourself. Consult your user’s manual for instructions. I hope that may help.

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