How to dual boot Windows 7

Quad boot Macbook

Image by foskarulla via Flickr

There times when we prefer to have two or more operating systems installed on a single computer. This is called dual-boot or multi boot.

  1. Partition your hard drive for every operating system you want to install. If you want to keep your current operating system, shrink the current volume, and then create partitions from the allocated space using Disk Management under Computer Management utility.
  2. Insert Windows 7 installation disk into the DVD drive.
  3. Follow instructions.
  4. Install it on a drive other than the drive where your current operating system is installed.
  5. After installation, you will be prompted to choose which operating system you will be working on.

This works best if you prefer to run games in Windows XP while enjoying feature and security improvements on Windows 7.

Windows 7 Installation documents
Help and Support
Microsoft Online
Online Articles and forums

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