Daily: In which language do you express love?

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A. Italian

B. French

C. Spanish

D. Portuguese

E. Others

Hmmm, nice choice. Actually, there are a lot of feelings which cannot be expressed by words alone. Pictures, as they say, can paint a thousand words but it isn’t enough either. Guess what? Actions?

Yes, that’s it! Actions speak louder than words, as the old proverb says, and is far more realistic when you see and feel it in action than looking at a picture alone.

According to our GenPsych1 teacher in her sources, there are around 5 Love Languages which we can use to express our love and care to our special someone, friends, family, close friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, children, parents, teachers, neighbors, enemies and the list doesn’t end.

1. Words of Appreciation and Encouragement

When you praise someone by saying “You look beautiful today.” or “Nice shirt.”, you are showing that you appreciate that person. You can also say “Thanks for the words of encouragement; I really appreciate it.” or by simply saying “Thanks.” is more than enough. These words actually brighten the day

2. Tangible and Intangible Gifts

We all love receiving gifts as well as giving gifts. Who said that gifts can only be given during Christmas Season or Valentines? Gifts may or may not be expensive. Well, it depends from one person to another. What may be valued most is the effort of the person to decide, plan, earn, buy gifts and present it in a special way for a very special someone. Gifts have sentimental values to the one who receives it.

3. Acts of Service

When someone is in need, we help them; not because we want something in return, but because we care. We express our love to our parents by helping them in doing some household chores, that their task will become lighter. We also help old people in crossing the streets because we know it is dangerous for them to cross the road. We help our classmates/co-workers who have difficulty in understanding a lesson or a task to be done because they have helped us too.

4. Quality Time

We feel that we are someone when we are with someone. We have family that cares for us, friends that we can be in touch with, special someone whom we can express our emotions, and neighbors whom we can spend time with. There is a great difference between a person who spends time with us for a long time but interacts with us occasionally than a person whom we have a great time with his company even for a short period of time. They say, people whom we get in touch with are very memorable to us. Getting in touch with people makes them closer to us, know us more and understand us better. There are a lot of ways to get in touch with other people and have quality time together: watching tv shows together, go for a picnic, eat in your favorite fast food chain or at home, have a lively conversation, work together in a project, study together, having a visit to their place, join clubs, activities, social events and many more. We have great time when we joke and laugh together . Those moments we cherish with other people are memorable to us. There are a lot of ways to have a quality time with others. Be sociable.

5. Physical Touch

Physical Touch should not be underestimated as some people think. It is the earliest known way in expressing love. It dates back to the creation and most animals express their love this way. Humans are the highest forms of animals because something adds dimension to our hearts: our mind. People have been creative in expressing their love “physically”. Love is not just limited to lovers. It’s everywhere. We shake hands when we greet or give an act of congratulation. We clap our hands when something went well. We hug, tap the back or shoulder of our friends to ease their feelings. We embrace our family and friends to let them feel the warmth of our affection. We hold hands together when we are traveling so that they will be close to us. Every action have its own meanings and should not be interpreted differently.

We all have different love languages and one dominates than the other as it varies from one person to another. According to our teacher, you can determine in which love language a person is free to express.

1. Give choices.

One can easily determine his or her language by deriving choices based from the languages above. For example: Which do you like? Let’s buy a new dress for you or lets watch a movie. When buying a new dress is selected then she prefers gifts over quality time.

2. Know what he or he complains about.

If he or she complains that you don’t have enough time to help him or her in composing a new song, then Quality Time and Acts of Service is the one needed.

3. Know the things the person enjoys the most.

It is a way of making the person happy. Seeing the person happy makes us know deep inside that we are doing our best in giving everything we can.


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  1. carpalfingers

    Nice dude. But I have some objections at the words and appreciations part. I think most of the time, people aren’t sure whether what people say is what they mean. But that was just an example though. Nice one!

    P.S. I am a Louisian student. Haha

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