Learning: Got poor grades? Who to blame?

A. Teachers
B. School
C. Parents
D. Environment
E. Yourself

Well, before giving an answer to this question, consider the following questions first.

1. Do I perform massed practice?

What is massed practice?

When someone practices massed practice, he or she is an easy go lucky during vacant pariods then cram reviewing before the examination or quiz

If no proceed to item number 2.
If yes, what happens?

When someone crams before the exam, he or she will feel very anxious which review material to review first. It is difficult to absorb everything he or she reads because of information overload. It may result to a mental block during a quiz or exam because the brain has not yet organized the information to be stored in the long term memory of the individual. Not everything one reads is stored in his short term memory because of the limitations our body has.

2. Do you perform distributive practices?

What are distributive practices?

When a person plans to do a task ahead of time or deadline, a person performs distributive practice. The person then breaks the difficult task in chunks. These chunks are distributed across his available schedules. He then works out which task is easier then proceeds to a more difficult ones. When the task is done, he has the peace of mind to relax and do other activities.

If yes, you are a very productive individual. Keep it up!
If no, maybe it’s time for a change.

3. Which method do you learn better?

A. Step by step
B. All at once

Well, it depends on one’s ability to understand and comprehend.
If the individual is bright and skillful on a certain topic or skill, then the Full Learning all-at-once approach is best suited. The person can learn something without any well detailed elaboration. E.g. Shutting down a computer.

If the person is just a beginner or have inadequate comprehension of the topic, then the Part Learning or step-by-step approach is necessary. The brain needs time to organize and familiarize the lesson to fully understand the lesson. One may teach the proper techniques for one to become skillful about it. E.g. riding a bicycle

4. Which of the following best describes you?

A. Listens to the teacher, actively participates in class discussion, takes down notes, ask questions for clarification, understands the lesson, have learning materials ready, and prepares before the class

B. Daydreams during class discussions, talks with your classmate, listening to mp3 player, busy texting and chatting, coming late to class, being absent, not taking down notes, no paper, books or pencils, relies on others’ notes

If you have chosen letter A, good job. You are focusing on what is essential. You are an active learner.

If you have chosen letter be, maybe it’s time to focus on what is essential. Maybe, it’s time to ask yourself why you are entering classes in the first place?


To be continued…

Source: Gen Psych 1 class and book


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