Daily: Why are you here?

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There are times when I see writings on the chair or something else inside the classroom stating “(Someone’s name) was here.” with anonymous author. If you were asked this question, what will be your answer?

“Why are you here (in this world)?”

A. To fulfill what was given
B. To find happiness and meaning in life
C. To share blessings to others, and give hope
D. To help other people realize their goals and make them better persons
E. To be given the opportunity of enjoying what the world has to offer, and to be thankful for everything
F. To make other people happy inside and out
G. To enjoy the company with other people, to love and be loved
H. To realize one’s dreams and objectives in life and to share one’s accomplishments with other
I. To make other realize their mistakes and change for the better
J. To develop one’s talent and make a difference
K. To be rich, popular and respected
L. To hate and blame other people
M. To laugh at other people’s mistakes and disability
N. To step at other people’s rights and hurt their feelings
O. To get everything one wanted and to show off
N. To find girlfriend/boyfriend and get married
O. To destroy other people
P. To prevent other people from improving and becoming better
Q. To gossip about other people’s mistakes and differences
R. To suffur, be sad, depressed, and become instrument for other people
S. To realize you are a mistake
T. To become dependent of what other is saying
V. To be loved by everybody
W. To share the good news
X. To find the reason why I am here
Y. Other reasons
Z. I don’t know


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