Study: Stress and Academic Pressure may Cause Poor Grades in School


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According to a study conducted by seven students at [a certain school], it was found out that stress or pressure due to academic works was the main cause of the first year engineering students’ low performance in school. This study aimed to determine students’ perceptions which of the listed factors had caused them to have unsatisfactory grade or have decreased their performance in school. Random 200 selected first year students of the second semester of school year 2010 – 2011 taking engineering courses were asked to answer a standardized questionnaire regarding problems they encountered in school.

Based from the results of the study, the following are the top three per category.

A. Financial Problems

1. Excessive spending of allowance
2. Insufficient allowance/Delayed giving of allowance
3. Poverty

B. Health Problems

1. Insufficient food/sleep
2. Forgetfulness
3. Hearing or sight problems

C. Psychological Problems

1. Stress/pressure due to academic works
2. Depression of having poor grades
3. Lack of interest in study

D. Personal Problems

1. Inefficient time and activity management
2. Procrastination in studying and doing homework
3. Having difficulty in understanding the lesson

E. Teaching Problems

1. Lessons are difficult to understand.
2. Most of the terms in the quizzes or examinations are difficult to answer.
3. Lessons are not discussed in detail.

F. Other Problems

1. Lack of qualified teachers
2. Choosing the wrong or inappropriate course in college

3. Lack of school facilities like chairs

In general, here are the top five reasons from all categories:

1. Stress or pressure due to academic works
2. Having in understanding the lesson
3. Excessive spending of allowance
4. Inefficient time and activity management
5. Insufficient food or sleep

*Adapted from "Mga Dahilan ng Pagbaba ng Grado ng mga Mag-aaral ng
 Unang Taon sa Kursong Engineering 2010 - 2011" by "Pangkat Mapamaraan"
 (Causes of Having Lower Grades of First Year Engineering Students 2010 - 2011)
*Special thanks to the group's instructor and adviser Dr R.E. Javier.

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  1. What is this study?

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