Daily: Had difficulty learning? Consider this.

There are different factors and variables that make learning easy or difficult.

A. Level of Intelligence

According to Howard Gardner, each individuals possess 8 multiple intelligences. Levels per category vary from one individual to another. The Eight Multiple Intelligences are

1. Spacial – ability to recreate images from mind
2. Musical – ability to play musical instruments
3. Kinesthetic – ability to have precise bodily movements e.g. athletes, dancers
4. Linguistic – ability to create meaningful statements, communicate ideas and art of speaking and writing e.ge. poets, broadcasters, journalists, writers
5. Logical – ability to solve scientific, logical and mathematical problems e.g. scientists, mathematicians, engineers
6. Interpersonal – ability to deal with other people and maintain harmonious relationships with others
7. Intrapersonal – ability to handle yourself, cope with problems
8. Existential – ability to find meaning in life

B. Motivation – goal directed behavior

– willingness to do something to realize whar you like

Persons with high motivation may find the task easy.
People with low motivation may find a task difficult.

There are two sources of motivation.

1. Intrinsic – you like what you are doing or to make others happy
2. Extrinsic – motivation to do something because of a reward.

Both are important. One cannot survive without another.

C. Maturation – readiness to learn

When one is ready to learn, the lesson is easy. If the individual is not ready to learn, learning may seem difficult.

There are different factors affecting readiness.

1. Physical Readiness – A person who is sleepy, hungry or tired has difficulty in learning.
2. Cognitive Readiness – Lessons not appropriate to his age make learning difficult.
3. Emotional Readiness – The focus of the individual may be directed to pain and fear instead of the lesson.

* Adapted from General Psychology 1 class and book.


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