Enter the World of Cloud Computing

Hey there!
Have you ever checked your e-mail account recently? What about sharing your family pics, school gimmicks or trips into Facebook? You might have tried storing your files into the internet?
I smell like you are already “in” Cloud Computing!
What is Cloud computing?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows you to sync files across devices and computer on the "cloud".

Snapshot from Apple MobileMe. A guided tour. 1 of 2 by nyonyojap on YouTube.com
Cloud Computing refers to all methods of sharing, storing and accessing information and applications on the world wide web. For example, instead of checking mails from an application of your own computer, all you have to do is to log in into your email provider’s website using a web browser and do a lot of stuff there. But cloud computing is not only limited to checking mails. You can also “open” data and applications from the “cloud”. Instead of launching an application from your computer to do some stuff, there are a lot of services in the web which can provide you a similar desktop experience like creating and sharing documents of the web by just using only your web browser. You can also have your files stored and accessed from the “cloud” anytime and anywhere without carrying your flash drive with you. The “cloud” takes care of storage and applications you need. So when you create a group report at home, you can access and make some modifications while you are away or on other computer.
Thanks for reading one of my first post. Stay tuned for more…
Have a good day!

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